eatlikeeve-frontcover-smallIn the beginning, Eve was running around the Garden of Eden practically nude…

And she probably looked pretty darn good!

Miss Cherry Capri suggests that the reason why Eve looked so good is because she was eating a healthy uncooked plant-based diet. How could you not look great if all you ate were organic fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, greens and veggies? That’s the point of eating Raw Food. When you eat dead flesh and overcooked foods, you’ll feel lousy and look over-cooked!  But eating Living Foods may help you look and feel more alive!

In Eat Like Eve, pop culture Modern Maven Cherry Capri introduces you to 88 simple, delicious, fool-proof dishes. They are easy to understand with clear instructions and include photographs and time-saving tips ‘n’ techniques. And in quintessential Cherry style, this cookbook is filled with fun fifties illustrations!

The recipes are vegan, gluten free, and made from family-friendly all-natural ingredients. So get back to the garden.
Step up to that tree.

And Eat Like Eve!