Irresistible Recipes for Nude Food: Gluten Free! Dairy Free & Vegan! Live FUN Raw Foodstuff!
Irresistible Recipes for Nude Food: Gluten Free! Dairy Free & Vegan! Live FUN Raw Foodstuff!

The 5 Star Reviews Are In!

This one is a must-have for your health book shelf. You will find yourself referencing these tried and true recipes over and over.


5 Star Reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“Another book on health, but the cherry on the cake is this girl REALLY knows her stuff.
It is especially helpful for those wanting to transition to a raw diet as she makes it so easy for you to do so, sharing everything in a simple and entertaining manner.”

Cara Brotman, Juliano Raw, and author of Love on a Plate

“Gallivant into gladness and super health with these funtastic revved up for raw recipes with the divine Cherry Capri!”

Chireya Fox, Pure Living Expo

“Learn the easy, pure, all natural way to eat, Garden of Eden style. Fill your vessel with Cherry’s amazing recipes and reap the rewards!”

Mythic Matt, author of Never Age

“Everybody needs to eat more (of Cherry’s) Raw Food!”

KT, author of Natural Cures They Don’t Want You to Know About

 “I never knew that raw could be so sexy, delicious and fun. Cherry’s raw recipes are as delightful as she is!”

Natalie Pace, author of the Gratitude Game

Eat Like Eve makes preparing healthy meals fun and uncomplicated with easy to follow recipes for everything from snacks to soups, salads, and scrumptious desserts!”

Cherie Soria, co-author Raw Food for Dummies & Raw Food Revolution Diet


CA-MODERN Magazine

Review - CA ModernCherry’s un-cooking—in time for the holidays!

Our own Cherry Capri has penned a new recipe book called Eat Like Eve. It’s short, skinny, sweet, and straight to the point. Get it now! There are 88 easy recipes for basic things like onion bread, marinara sauce, split pea soup, and her raw rawket chocolate pudding. But, here’s the twist—none of these things are cooked! Every recipe is made only with raw food. Cherry says preparing food her way will keep you healthy. And judging from the cover photo of Cherry undressed amid banana palm leaves, something she’s doing must be working. Eat Like Eve comes as a full-color fi rst-edition collectors edition, and as a more affordable black-and-white edition and e-book version. The audio book version is narrated by Cherry herself accompanied by her co-author, chef Mason Green. Eat Like Eve also gets a thumbs up as a great stocking stuffer for anyone you love that you would like to see eating healthier.

EAT LIKE CHERRY. New ‘cookbook’ with a raw twist.


Bachelor Pad Magazine

“One cannot live on cocktails alone. (As much as some would like to disprove that.) Cherry Capri, America’s Queen of Modernism and Mirth, is here to help you on the food front. This is a gal who knows a thing or two about living life to its fullest. Her personal motto is “I’ve gotta lotta livin’ to do!” And for her, that means well. She’s is all about natural, raw foods.

“This book gives you an easy and swinging way into this type of healthy eating. Most of the recipes require either a high-speed blender (which most of we serious bar folks should already have) or a food dehydrator. The start-to-finish steps are easy to follow and the final products look great. She covers snacks, dips, salads, soups, and main dishes. And speaking of dishes, how about that cover photo! Reminds us of that Cherry pin-up that was included in the very first issue of Bachelor Pad!

“There will be a color, black and white versions, PLUS an audio audible book that in true Cherry style, will have Esquivel-inspired sound zingers to keep the listening lively. Java Recommends It!”

FINALIST WINNER from Reader’s Favorites

Reviewed by Carla Trueheart for Readers’ Favorite

Readers\' Favorite Book Contest Award Winner

Eat Like Eve by Cherry Capri is a unique cookbook based around raw foods and vegan eating. The cookbook opens with an introduction about “Eve” in the Garden of Eden and how her diet revolved around fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. The theory is that fruits and veggies, when cooked, will lose valuable nutrients, therefore becoming not as nutritious and healthy as they would be if eaten in raw form. The author gives a full account of her connection with raw foods and how she feels better living this lifestyle. Also included in the introduction are some of the ways you can ease into this style of eating, the price of some of the items/supplies used to produce these foods (dehydrator, blender, food processor), and where you can find some of the more unique all-natural foods listed as ingredients throughout the book (agave, raw nuts, specific oils, flax seed, etc.). From there, the cookbook dives right into recipes with raw ingredients, most of the dishes being raw versions of everyday food choices. Included, to list just a few, are chili, chicken nuggets, salads, BBQ sauce, pasta toppings, condiments, curry, French onion soup, and even cheesecake. Basically, most favorite foods are available in raw forms.

As a vegetarian, I appreciated Cherry Capri’s approach to this way of eating (and as she says, vegetarians eat more than just salads!). While I do eat cheese and cooked vegetables, I understand her argument that most vegetarians fill up on pastas, breads, and desserts. Because of that, I did find this cookbook interesting enough to give it a try. Easing in with snacks and salads is probably the best way to go about eating raw foods, and as mentioned in Eat Like Eve, even adding little bits of raw foods here and there is a good start. Overall, the cookbook is fun and has a big personality, especially with the author’s outlook and personalization. I would recommend the book to vegetarians, health-food lovers, or anyone who wishes to live a healthier lifestyle through raw fruits, nuts, and vegetables.